Business Law Firm Russo Law LLC Highlighted in COVID-19 Business Continuity Practices Discussion

Russo Law LLC founder Lou Russo was recently quoted in an article discussing business continuity during the COVID-19 pandemic titled Business Continuity During COVID-19: Best Practices From Top Executives. In the article, Lou describes how Russo Law LLC’s modern and progressive business model allowed the firm to continue servicing its clients’ business contracts, employment contracts, and business disputes needs without any interruption. Here is the full quote:

“Some lawyers came to the crisis already armed with an impressive arsenal of remote and paperless tools:

As a modern lawyer who has embraced technology to reduce overhead and deliver significant value since I founded Russo Law LLC, I am pleased to report that I have not experienced any issues working remotely.

I use online legal directories like Martindale and Avvo to help identify new potential clients and I use

Zoom to build trust and rapport so the potential clients can meet me and see my face. I use Bookings to schedule my appointments and Clio Grow and Clio Manage to generate and submit proposals and engagement letters to clients for their digital execution.

I accept payments through LawPay so there is no need for clients to worry about opening mail, sending checks or incurring unnecessary fees for wire transfers.

Lastly, I use a combination of Microsoft Office tools and Dropbox to collaborate with clients. No paper, no stamps, no hassle!

The only issue I’ve experienced for my clients embroiled in legal disputes is that many courts are currently closed. But the courts are starting to show signs that they will reopen and begin accepting cases for commercial matters.

Lou Russo, Owner at Russo Law

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