In the News: Russo Law LLC Founder Louis Russo Quoted About Salary Negotiation Techniques

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Russo Law LLC Founder, Louis Russo was recently quoted in a article discussing salary negotiations.

Here is an excerpt:

Contract law attorney Lou Russo recommends higher-level employees, or anyone asked to sign a contract, tell potential employers that their lawyer will review the offer letter, employment agreement, employee handbook, or stock option plan. Having an expert look through your compensation package, or at least giving the impression that one has, can give you an edge when asking for more.

“If any of these documents incorporate stringent restrictive covenants that will prevent you from working in the industry after you stop working for the employer, then you have a reason to ask for more money,” Russo said. “This is especially true if the new employer is trying to prevent you from competing with it for longer than 1 year, and there is no geographic or industry limitation.”

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