Boost Your Business: Top Reasons to Start an LLC in New York or New Jersey

When it comes to selecting the right legal structure for your business in New York or New Jersey, the expertise of a business lawyer is invaluable. One option that offers numerous advantages, as confirmed by business lawyers regularly dealing with corporate law issue, is the Limited Liability Company (LLC).

In this article Russo Law LLC founder and business lawyer Lou Russo will explore five compelling reasons why to consider using an LLC to operate your business in New York or New Jersey regardless of whether for a startup or a small business.

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Crucial Factors for Successfully Concluding a Business Sale in New Jersey: Maximize Your Profit Now

Are you considering buying a business in New Jersey or selling a business in New Jersey? If so, there are many factors to consider, and the process can be quite complex. In this blog post, business lawyer Russo Law LLC will walk you through what to expect after signing a purchase agreement but before closing on the sale of a business in New Jersey. From due diligence to lease assignments to obtaining franchisor approval, the blog covers everything you need to know to ensure a successful transaction.

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5 Must-Have Provisions for Shareholder Agreements in New York and New Jersey

As a business owner in New York or New Jersey, a shareholder agreement is a crucial legal document that can protect your business and ensure that the shareholders’ rights are clearly defined. A shareholder agreement outlines the rights and obligations of each stock owner and can help to prevent disputes and conflicts down the line. This blog post discusses 5 crucial provisions of a shareholder agreement for a New York or New Jersey corporation.

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