New York and New Jersey Business Disputes and Commercial Litigation Lawyer

In a competitive business environment, broken contracts and failed business relationships can cripple a business.  Partnering with an effective and efficient business lawyer to resolve a business dispute before it spirals into a lawsuit can mean the difference between success and failure for your business venture.

New York and New Jersey business dispute lawyer Lou Russo works vigorously to protect clients’ rights and interests in all cases, large and small, helping them evaluate, manage, and control the risks, costs, and uncertainties associated with litigation.

Unparalleled Training
and Experience

Lou Russo has extensive commercial litigation experience.  He was trained at the nation's preeminent AmLaw 100 law firms (including Proskauer, Winston & Strawn and Alston & Bird) working on the most complex high-stakes business disputes and commercial litigation matters.  He is well equipped to help you resolve your disputes regardless of the size of your business or the amount of money at stake.

Russo Law represents individuals and businesses (including small businesses) in complex lawsuits and alternative dispute resolution proceedings (mediation and arbitration) across a broad range of industries. Lou often resolves business disputes for clients involving allegations of:

Early Resolution Philosophy

Being sued for breach of contract or being forced to participate in arbitration or mediation to resolve your business dispute can be very stressful. 

Even if the law and the facts are on your side, the financial realities of litigating, mediating, or arbitrating New York and New Jersey business disputes may not be.  The reality is that lawsuits are time-consuming, expensive, disruptive, invasive, and frustrating.

Russo Law works to resolve business disputes through practical business-minded solutions.  The first step is determining if litigation can be avoided by evaluating best and worst case scenarios and opening the lines of communication with your adversaries.

Legal Battles

When an early settlement is not possible, Russo Law will not shy away from vigorously protecting its clients’ rights and interests in a lawsuit, mediation, arbitration, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution

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