Fraudulent Inducement In New York and New Jersey

If a deal or business relationship goes south, the parties will usually allege a breach of contract as well as some type of fraud.

Specifically, it is very common for one party to claim that the other party either actively misrepresented or withheld material information that might have lead it to not execute the agreement. 

Given fraudulent inducement claims are reliant upon the law governing fraud as well as contract, they can be very complex.  While there are a host of potential defenses to New York and New Jersey fraudulent inducement claims, these claims should be taken very seriously as they could lead to a business owner being personally liable for the debts of the business should a court decide to pierce the corporate veil.

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Russo Law is a business dispute lawyer with nearly 15 years of experience prosecuting and defending New York and New Jersey fraudulent inducement claims. 

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