New York and New Jersey Small Business Lawyer

Starting a new business can be a daunting task.  Odds are you left a secure job or venture because you thought you could do it better and wanted to be your own boss. That entrepreneurial spirit will serve you well as you work tirelessly to grow your small business or startup.

Most new small business owners focus us on the commercial details of their new business venture (for example, the products or services that the small business will offer, the pricing, and how the small business will acquire and retain new clients or customers).  Naturally then, new small business owners do not appreciate the numerous legal issues that they will face right out of the gate and some of the risks they could easily mitigate with the proper guidance of a small business lawyer.

Why Should I Hire a Small Business Lawyer?

Luckily, Russo Law LLC can help you get your New York small business or New Jersey small business off the ground without breaking the bank. Whether you are an e-commerce, brick-and-mortar, or a consulting business, Russo Law LLC is pleased to offer to the following business law services to New York small businesses and New Jersey small businesses:

  • Choosing a corporate structure that best suits the needs of the small business (s-Corp, c-Corp, limited liability company, partnerships, etc.)
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements between the owners that lay out how the small business will be managed and how disputes will be resolved (bylaws, partnership agreements, or operating agreements)
  • Drafting website privacy policies, terms of use, and terms and conditions
  • Negotiating and drafting all types of contracts
  • Drafting contracts that ensure that your temporary or permanent staff will not disclose confidential information about the company, steal critical intellectual property, or try to poach other workers to begin a competing business
  • Making sure marketing and social media are compliant with copyright law.
  • Structuring contracts so disputes are resolved efficiently first through good faith negotiations and mediation, and if needed through litigation or arbitration.

Along the way, Russo Law will also likely identify some of the other issues you should be considering as a new small business (for example accounting, insurance, other regulatory issues) and will happily introduce you to professionals who can help.

Small Business Lawyer Services Provided at Affordable Flat Fees

Preserving cash in the early days is critical because more than half of small businesses fail in their first year due to a lack of funds.  It comes as no surprise then that you may hesitate to hire a business lawyer in the early days because you don't believe you can afford a New York or New Jersey business lawyer.  That is likely true for most New York or New Jersey business lawyers, but not Russo Law LLC.

Russo Law is pleased to offer affordable flat fees to New York and New Jersey small businesses. Whether you already have a small business or if you are contemplating creating, buying or selling one, take advantage of an entirely free consultation with a New York and New Jersey small business lawyer.  Following your call, Russo Law will provide a concise flat fee pricing proposal containing information about Russo Law's streamlined digital onboarding process.

New York / New Jersey Small Business Lawyer Services Provided at Affordable Flat Fees

Russo Law represents businesses of all shapes and sizes in New York and New Jersey including small businesses and startups.  If you own a small business or are considering establishing or buying a small business, Russo Law can help. Just call 929-262-1101 or schedule a free consultation today to discuss how Russo Law's New York and New Jersey small business lawyer services can help grow your new venture.