Outside General Counsel to New York and New Jersey Businesses

While all businesses need the assistance of an experienced business lawyer, most cannot afford to hire a business lawyer full-time.

As a result, many small businesses and medium-sized businesses look to hire business lawyers who they can turn to as legal issues relating to contracts and disputes arise.

Russo Law LLC serves as outside counsel to numerous businesses in New York and New Jersey.  In that role, Russo Law LLC strives to be the first phone call a business owner makes when they need a lawyer and need one quickly.

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What Services Does an Outside General Counsel / Business Lawyer Offer?


  • Structuring and negotiating the purchase or sale of a business
  • Negotiating and drafting all contracts
  • Drafting all corporate governance documents including bylaws, operating agreements, shareholder agreements
  • Drafting all corporate resolutions and meeting minutes
  • Helping resolve business disputes through good faith negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation
  • Helping recover accounts receivable through demand letters

Outside General Counsel and Business Lawyer Services

Call 929-262-1101 or schedule a free consultation with Russo Law today to discuss how Russo Law can serve as outside general counsel to your business in New York or New Jersey.