New York and New Jersey Business Lawyer Offering White Glove Client Service at Reasonable Rates

Founder Lou Russo set out to establish a modern law practice that harnesses technology to deliver exceptional value for each of its clients.  Doing so allows Russo Law LLC to offer high-quality legal representation at a reasonable cost which in turn allows its clients to invest in growth and expansion.

Russo Law LLC’s hourly rates are typically half that of the large “BigLaw” firms, the same firms at which founder Lou Russo spent most of his career.  Moreover, Russo Law strives to offer flat fee, capped fees, or other alternative fee arrangements whenever possible.

Most importantly, Russo Law LLC will never do any work before discussing it with the client.  The client is in control of its legal spend and will never be surprised by a bill.

Simple Electronic

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As part of its relentless pursuit of efficiency and client service, Russo Law uses Clio and LawPay to streamline the client onboarding experience.

Russo Law issues email proposals with a clear breakdown of fees for the client's contract or business dispute related matter.  If the client chooses to retain Russo Law, each provides some preliminary information through a secure online portal and makes any necessary flat fee payments through ACH, debit or credit card via LawPay—the only payment solution offered through the American Bar Association.

Russo Law then generates an engagement letter to be executed electronically through the firm’s engagement of e-signature company HelloSign.

The entire process moves as quickly as the client does as each step can be completed any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Hassle-Free Invoicing & Payments

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For certain matters, Russo Law LLC issues digital monthly invoices by email through Clio.

Russo Law LLC's simple invoices can be paid through LawPay in a few clicks and clients instantly receive a digital receipt upon payment.

Wiring instructions are also available upon request.


Electronic Appointment Bookings

Founder Lou Russo is always available to his clients.  Rather than wasting a client's precious time emailing back and forth to set up a time to speak, Russo Law LLC's clients can schedule meetings (by telephone or videoconference) directly on Lou's calendar in just a few clicks through Russo Law LLC's Bookings page for existing clients.

Russo Law also harnesses Zoom and Microsoft Teams to videoconference and collaborate in real time with its clients.

Timely Legal Updates

Russo Law LLC is pleased to offer timely information, updates, and checklists to business owners, executives, investors, and officers through its Business Law Corner business law blog.

Much of the business law blog's content is derived from commonly asked questions Russo Law LLC receives from its clients.


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New York and New Jersey business lawyer Russo Law is committed to efficiently serving its clients and ensuring that they are compeltely satisfied.  Don't believe it? Feel free to read some of these reviews of numerous satisfied customers.

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