New York and New Jersey Partnership Disputes (a.k.a. "Business Divorce")

Even the strongest business relationships (partnerships, LLCs, and corporations) can deteriorate over time. 

Often co-owners of privately held businesses (including small businesses) reach the point when they can no longer work together and a “business divorce” is required.

Russo Law LLC works with both majority and minority owners of business of all types and sizes that are facing these difficult situations.

New york New Jersey partnership dispute business divorce attorney

What is “Business Divorce”?

“Business divorce” is a term that used to describe the financial separation of business partners. 

In some instances, litigation between the owners of the business is needed.  In most cases, an independent valuation of the business is required and sometimes temporary restraining orders and injunctions are needed when agreements cannot be reached. 

Ultimately, the resolution may require the business to be dissolved or sold.

New York and New Jersey law and contracts (i.e., partnership agreements, operating agreements, or corporate bylaws) governing business disputes can be quite complex.  

For that reason, you should consult with a New York and New Jersey business divorce lawyer to help you navigate the tumultuous time and make sure you get the fair share you deserve. 


Litigation Only if A Resolution of the Partnership Dispute Cannot Be Reached

Russo Law will strive to first broker a favorable out-of-court settlement that allow all parties to avoid the expense and aggravation associated with litigation. 

When an agreement cannot be reached, Russo Law LLC is ready to participate in any necessary litigation or alternative dispute resolution to resolve the disputes in judicial dissolution proceedings, dissenting shareholder proceedings, derivative lawsuits, or books and records inquiries.

Contact Russo Law to Resolve Your Dispute With a Business Partner

If your relationship with your business partner is becoming strained or if you’ve had enough and are ready for a business divorce, call 929-262-1101 or schedule a free case evaluation with Russo Law LLC's to discuss its New York and New Jersey partnership dispute / business divorce lawyer dispute services.